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A celebrant like no other with Angela "Angie" Dand

Ceremonies by Angie was formed from the need to supply high quality affordable celebrant services for individuals, couples, families and communities, to celebrate and honour life, love and loss, whilst embracing individual customs and beliefs. The huge amount of extended and blended families, including pets, sees a need for celebrants with a difference, who will work closely with each family member to help bring back multi-cultural and inter-faith ceremony components and rituals. 

A family is often a community of members, relations, friends, kids and pets — so lets include them all in magical ceremonies that will celebrate and create your greatest memories for all generations to follow.

Ceremonies as individual as you are​

Creating magic on your special day.

I will be with you every step of the way! Each ceremony I perform is as unique as you are, so allow me to help you design it your way. I am your unique heartfelt celebrant for all occasions. When people ask me “What do you do for a living?” I say,
“I create Magic!”

My passion is to weave your life and love stories into beautiful, heart-warming tailored ceremonies, celebrations and tributes, to create magical memories that last forever, for your whole family including your pets. I am vibrant, compassionate,
open-minded and genuine.

I guarantee to provide exceptional service delivery, to listen to you, to capture your story and I guarantee that every ceremony is created with my whole heart and soul. Book me for every special occasion because together, we will celebrate and create your greatest memories.

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Angie's life story & background

Whether you are celebrating life, love or loss, each individual has a different way of celebrating and honouring life, thereby obtaining joy, healing and acceptance through major life milestones. I want to give each person a voice, incorporating customs that reflect your inner beliefs. Let me get to know you and share your story.
Early Influences

Growing up in Adelaide in a blended multi-cultural family, I saw my share of love and life, marriage and divorce, celebrations and sorrow, that helped shape and form my life.  An avid traveller in my younger years , I saw a great many cultures and communities all living different ways of life and each honouring their own customs and version of “God” or some sort of Divine Being.


Having a firm background in hospitality and tourism and helping others, I have previously run two businesses — first as a tour guide with my own 12 seater bus in the Whitsundays “Rainforest Discovery Tours”. Secondly for the last 11 years I have been working closely with many people providing hot stone massage and spiritual energy work, that has seen me evolve into a place of loving kindness and become a wonderful, unique individual, with a passion for creative script, poetry and song writing. I love nature and pets, and enjoy a wide variety of experiences by house and pet sitting on the Gold Coast, whilst providing excellent Celebrant Services every day of the week.

Why am I a celebrant?

I’m a romantic and I love Love! After injuries caused me to cease my work in massaging and to focus on myself and to heal, I looked deep within my heart and soul as to what I wanted to do with my life. I thought back over everything I am and still wish to be, and I realised that what I did for fun over the years and gave me the most joy was performing ceremonies, and sharing commitment and life with others. 

On the Path

I had previously performed a gay commitment ceremony and had MC’d my friends wedding. Additionally I provided two excellent memorial services that had raving reviews. I decided to become a celebrant – not just any ordinary celebrant – but an extraordinary one! A celebrant that could make a difference by spreading love and joy through the world.

I decided to become a celebrant, not just any ordinary celebrant – but an extraordinary one!

Angela Dand, Marriage Celebrant

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